Art Collection

The Royal Air Force Club is justly proud of its Art collection. For members and their guests, our extensive display of original aviation paintings reflects a Club that lives and breathes the history of the Royal Air Force.  

Paintings, however, are but one of the art forms that impart the Club's unique atmosphere. Our extensive collection of original Squadron Badges is unrivalled, and gives the first floor corridor a special visual and historical ambience. 

Perhaps the most arresting for its dramatic impact and artistic quality is the Stained Glass Window; a window whose colour and innovative techniques so well reflect the qualities of the Royal Air Force. Its design symbolises both a Service and a Club that are rooted in their history but moving ever onwards and upwards.

For many, a painting can vividly recapture memories of their own time in the Service. Conscious of this, the Club always seeks to fill any gaps in its collection. Original artworks and artefacts for donation are always considered, please contact should you wish to discuss in further detail.

Stained glass 3