Business Suite

The Club’s spacious Marshall of Cambridge Business Suite is located on the 1st floor of the centenary extension and offers space for members and guests to work privately along with bookable meeting rooms and two acoustic pods. The following facilities and services are available:


Desktop PCs with USB port

Printing facilities

Stationery box (including pencils, pens, highlighters, ruler, stapler)

Acoustic Pods


The Hercules and TriStar meeting rooms can each accommodate up to four people and can be booked at £30.00 per 55 minutes via the Front Desk team. Magnetic whiteboard is available in each meeting room.

The Marshall Suite meeting room (TriStar and Hercules combined) can accommodate up to eight people and can be booked at £60.00 per 55 minutes.

The two meeting rooms are available between 0700hrs – 1800hrs Monday to Sunday. Meeting rooms can be booked on the day, please see the daily booking sheet displayed outside the room for last minute availability. In the event these rooms have not been booked, members are welcome to make use of them for up to 55 minutes free of charge and the Front Desk team will arrange access for you.

Alternatively, the Club’s usual conference and banqueting facilities are also available for serviced meetings and functions. Contact the Meetings & Events team, or call 0207 399 1004(05) to book.

Please note that telephone calls cannot be made or received in the Business Suite exception from within our acoustic pods for the privacy and comfort of all Members using the space.
Thank you



New addition to the Business Suite

Two acoustic pods have been installed in our Business Suite in February 2024, ensuring a tranquil environment for all your important phone calls and meetings, increasing the space available for conference calls in the Club.⁠

This project has been generously funded through legacy donations made to the Club by former Members, for which we are very grateful.⁠ We hope you enjoy these pods, to be mindful of other Members please follow the guidelines below.

Acoustic Pod Usage

1:         The pods are available on a first come, first served basis.

2:         Please limit your use to a maximum of 90 minutes to allow other Members to use the pods.

3:         Please do not consume food inside the pod.

4:         No pod is completely soundproof so please be aware of your noise levels and ensure the door is fully closed.

5:         To use the laptop shelf, please pull the black fabric loop on the left wall. Please close the shelf when you leave the pod.

6:         Please remove any personal items including cups/water bottles etc. when leaving the pod.