A Lunch with Victoria Panton Bacon

Friday 2nd December 2022

On Wednesday 30th November, the RAF Club held a lunch in which our member Victoria Panton Bacon talked exclusively to members about her recent book 'Remarkable Women of the Second World War', a collection of previously untold, true memories of the war given to her by women who lived through the conflict.

These were women whose lives were affected in differing yet tragic ways from across the globe. Victoria shared with our attendees a variety of testimonies including memories from Russia, Burma and accounts from women who were European Jews when the Nazi's tor their families apart.

The Club event was hosted by our Trustee Wing Commander Paula Willmot in the Sovereigns' Room and included a delicious 3 course meal with wine.

About the Book

In the words of the publisher:

“During the Second World War, women kept society going, acting as carers, nurses, cleaners and teachers; or stepping in where men had gone, taking up such positions as engineers, farm labourers, factory workers, drivers and intelligence experts. This new collection of stories contains twelve true testimonies of women who lived through these years, either given directly to Victoria Panton Bacon, or shared through unpublished documents by family members especially for this book. The stories include a farmworker in the Women’s Land Army, a child evacuee whose east London home was destroyed, a Lady Almoner caring for needy families at Great Ormond Street Hospital, an Air Transport Auxiliary aircraft engineer and a Dutch woman who was a child in hiding, whose mother was deported, and she never saw again. Each story represents millions of ordinary women doing extraordinary things, long before the days of political exposure or campaign.” The History Press.

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